Tuesday, January 17

late 2012 wishes

well dear bloggy..happy new year

even though..almost half month of Jan already..
and in the end of this month.
im 24th years old..
alhamdulillah atas nikmat kesihatan dan
nafas yg berhembus ni..

Mie baru je habis marathñ tengok glee season 3.
well main theme of the show is celebrating senior year.
and planning for the future.

mie tengok diri sendiri,
i feel dissapointed with myself..
i plan my journey to get here
where i stand right now..
but the view from here
Hmm not working for me.

the only moment i proud with myself
is during the matriculation..
At that time i eager for more,
i feel like a robot..and heartless..
But i gain lots of archievements..
im moving fowards more than others..
it is first time i believe in myself and
i can do anything..
i can picture myself in future..
full of motivation..

But im not perfect..
after that i try to loose myself,
try to find a balance between study and others.
but till now...i fail..
even worse..im not motivated as earlier.

this semester is the worse experience ever.
Sometimes rasa nak berhenti aje.
but im not a quiter..not yet..

Ntah lah..wake up mimie..just wake up..

ya allah yang maha pengampun lagi maha mengasihani,
ku bermohon rahmad dan hidayah mu..
bantulah aku meniti titian2 kehidupan ini..
Moga ku tak terpesong dari titianmu..
moga ku temui kembali jalan perjuangan
yang berserta redhamu..

ampunkan hambamu ini tatkala aku leka..
ampunkan hambamu ini jika buat kau murka..
yang kupohon hanya redhamu..
dalam menghabiskan sisa sisa nafas
dimuka bumi mu ini ya rabb..

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